Maintaining Our Water For A Healthy Tomorrow

The water that is on this planet is the life force that is keeping us alive.  However, humans are dumping tens of thousands of gallons of waste, pollutants and trash into our waters every year.  There is a huge ring of trash floating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean right now the size of some states.  With this type of abuse to our waters, it is vital that we consider having residential drinking water filtration systems columbus professionals install water purifiers in our homes and businesses.  On to top of that here are some tips and tricks to having healthy water.


Boiling water will help to remove any bacteria or contaminants in our water.  When we boil water we are purifying it.  This is also done after storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes to ensure the local drinking water wasn’t contaminated

Watch your drains

When we take showers, pour grease and other stuff down our drains they are enter into the water systems.  Granted, these systems are separated in order to avoid cross contamination, however, we don’t need to be pouring anything and everything down our drains.  If you are working with a foreign substance that you wouldn’t consume yourself, don’t pour it down the drain.  Instead store it in a sealed container for proper disposal.

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Respect Water

When we respect water we will have it.  Don’t run your water for longer than you have to.  When brushing your teeth turn off the water while brushing.  When in the shower limit it to five or seven minutes.  Many showers have water flow technology built in so what comes out is optimized for bathing, but again, do a little extra.

Saving the planet

Saving the planet begins with each of us just doing one small part.  Over time these small efforts will give us massive return.