Creating An Oasis In Your Yard

When it comes to creating an oasis in your yard, a few bushes and trees might not cut it.  In some cases you will want to have some large trees, plants and other prominent pieces to dot your landscape.  This can be done by using tree movers cheney ks to transport your desired plants and trees to their destination.

Palm Trees

Palm Trees are a great example of having a unique item in your yard.  In the south they are quite common but don’t grow everywhere.  In fact, palm trees are grown in palm tree farms that use a specific planting technique that allows them to be harvested and transported safely. 

Designing your oasis

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When designing your oasis you want to think tree cover.  When we have tree cover we are able to enjoy our yard and create sections that are shady and those that are not.  These shady areas can be used all day long or during specific periods of the day.  When designing your oasis keeping this in mind will allow you to have a usable area all day long.


When picking your trees and shrubs think of maintenance.  You want trees that don’t shed or at least will shed in areas of your yard that are easy to maintain.  You will also want to keep them away from power lines, natural hazards and more.  Maintenance is a vital part to your trees health so take this into consideration when creating your design.


Price is always an issue with people.  You want to really set a budget for your projects and stick to it.  Pick your centerpieces first and then build your oasis around that.  When picking the largest pieces first they will get time to root and take hold.  The smaller pieces can always be added later.